Energy jewelry- solid gold hoop earrings

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Onyx earrings with filigree hand work on 14k yellow gold.

Hoop earring are one of the few things that will always look sensual on a great women.

These dangling earrings accentuate the nape of your neck for a sexy evening look.

Exemplifies Cadi's love affair of combining old ideas with a fresh perspective and hand-made finishes. An elegant and classic look with an ethnic spirit.

Multiple textures and sensual surfaces.


Double-sided, reversible earrings let you play around with your look You can switch between the black Onyx gemstone or the 14k yellow gold flower design.


Black Onyx

14k yellow gold



Diameter of body about 0.39 inches (10mm)

Diameter of hoops about 0.98 inches (25mm)

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