The Brand

Cadi Jewelry design jewelry that makes symbolic connections for people.

See yourself with a jewelry that represents a strong ambition, something that reflects your confidence and strength. A kind of armor that reminds you that attitude is everything.

Cadi jewelry will let you feel inspired and effortlessly bold.


Our designs are made in very small runs. We produce limited quantities and most likely one of a kind products and lifestyle accessories. Keeping it limited means you’re one of a few in the world to own one.

Every order is tailored and specially made to our clients needs, We specialize in making personal adjustments to every client of ours including designing new ideas we relate to.


In order to achieve the highest quality we use only the best materials and work with handmade professional experts responsible for some of the special techniques we incorporate into our products. We give strong focus on best quality gemstone combined with gold, platinum or silver that are 100% recycled.

We are all people at work, humans who cherish and love our planet. We are not dictated by the bottom line. We make conscious decisions with nature and the earth in mind.


We are designers and handmade jewelry makers that care as much about the aesthetics as making the product work and be comfortable to the wearer, therefor we combine high-tech technology when needed to go along with old world craftsmanship whilst being futuristic and with a fresh interpretation. Our jewelry is never exactly alike, so each piece is unique!

Apart from the ring sizes that we do very accurately using 3D printing technology, Tiny imperfections are the nature of handmade work, measurements can be a certain deviation from the stated measurements on the product pages, as befits handicrafts that are not serial production and some of their charm and magic is human touch.


Custom and personalized orders Personalized items are our specialty, We love to design new products with our clients it's the best fusion and it is what differentiate us from other jewelry designers, if you have any special request or idea please contact us so that we can examine whether it is possible and give you a quote.

Any specific request for an existing product is mostly welcome we are pro personalization and making unique, meaningful jewelry.

Please let us know or don't forget to mention it in the note to seller when purchasing.

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