Energy jewelry- black hip hop jewelry

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Few things are more sensual than the subtleties of the feminine form. These dangling earrings accentuate the nape of your neck for a sexy evening look.

exemplifies Cadi's love affair of combining old ideas with a fresh perspective and hand-made finishes. An elegant and classic look with an ethnic spirit.

Multiple textures and sensual surfaces.


Double-sided, reversible earrings let you play around with your look You can switch between milk Agate stone or Black rhodium plated silver flower design.


Material: Black rhodium plated Sterling silver, milk Agate


Diameter of body about 0.5 inches (13 mm)


An important note about the black Rhodium plating:

The sterling silver version with a black rhodium finish. That means it is a 925/000-regulated sterling silver alloy as base metal, with a Black Rhodium plating. The black color is, in fact, a fine thin layer applied electrolytically onto the silver surface. This is the most common plating process in the jewelry industry, being the only way to achieve this so desired glossy black finish on any precious metal. These beautiful and cool platings are also quite delicate and vulnerable. Sooner or later- they will wear off. Some conditions like: contact with harsh detergents, acidic water, friction and even a certain body PH (of wearer) may accelerate the loss of the plating color, and best be avoided.

Platings, being an outer coating layer, has nothing to do with the craftsmanship, quality of the jewelry piece itself.

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