What is the most romantic thing you and your partner have done recently together? And, are not talking about binging on Stranger Things 3 or going to another music concert together.

So right, going on a dinner at a beautiful restaurant is nice, a double spa is fun and a vacation in a country house is an absolute pleasure, but we are aiming for a little more daring things, such as this series of pictures, which presents a particularly creative and cool variety of double tattoos, which creates greater connection than ever before.

As our matching love ring set, these pictures present a particularly creative and cool variety of double tattoos.

If you love the painful encounter between a needle full with ink your skin, you will probably like the idea, but even if you are less fond of the genre, it must be admitted that despite the corny element of it, double tattoos can be charming and full of potential to express your shared creativity as a couple.

Or you can just go for the matching rings :)

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