What inspires us?

Lots of things can inspire us, I can think of endless examples and am sure that for every example I have, you can add at least three more examples of your own.

Our hunch is that whenever inspiration is present, it must be that God stopped by for a visit …

You don't have to search far to find inspiration, many times inspiration lies under our noses, in the most esoteric aspects of life: it can lie in a bird's chirp, staring at the ocean, awkward silent conversations, clouds in the sky, certain sounds, people around us, the laughter of someone we love and more.

Find the things that can regularly inspire you is a unique resource that is important to take advantage of.

We have at least five sources of inspiration that we use regularly in our lives, and some others in our creation.
Once you have identified the things that inspire you, be sure to be exposed to them consistently, surround yourself with them, make them a habit; it will fill you with joy and vitality and paint your actions with meaningful lively colors.

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