About Cadi jewelry

We are Cadi Jewelry and we design jewelry that makes symbolic connections for people. Our jewelry represents a strong emotion for our clients and stimulates them to feel inspired and effortlessly bold.

You need a jewelry that represents a strong ambition, something that reflects your confidence and strength. A kind of armor that reminds you that attitude is everything. You need a piece that makes you feel fantastic and stand out all day long.

That's what CADI is all about.

We traveled through Africa and the Far East, immersing ourselves in local traditions. We explored the richness, color and age-old jewelry-making techniques passed down through the generations of tribal cultures (Yes! We are officially obsessed with everything indigenous), all that beauty we combine with what we experienced in Barcelona for 7 years, being exposed to modern, cutting-edge aspects of jewelry-making technology such as 3d printing CAD. We integrate it all into our individual style.

We are a couple-turned-business-partners Maya (Product and Architectural lighting designer) and Eliad (goldsmith). Our journey began when we met by chance in India. Sparks flew and what started out as separate trips became a lifelong journey.

Our designs, like our relationship, became a meeting of contrasts, culminating in our Tel Aviv studio.

Located in the bustling alleys of Tel Aviv’s industrial south, our studio lies at the center of the ultimate mix of cultures.  

Our luxurious aesthetic is a fusion of tribal motifs and innovative design trends made to be mysterious, powerful, seductive, and bold.


CADI Jewelry means professionalism, high-standards, original artistic expression and excellent customer service.


Each Cadi piece, imbued with all our experiences, is a unique work of love, something personal that we make for you.





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